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Special guests


Charles Essonghé  

S.E. Charles Essonghé – Ambassador of Gabon

fontego   “Fondaco Futuro” del Nationless Pavilion della Biennale 2017 




youinherit    YouInHerit Meeting Marco Polo System

Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev to the princess daughter until 2008 King of Nepal – (2016)


Anant Singh filmmaker Videovision entertainment – (2016)

Al Walid bin Talal  

Saudi Prince Al Walid bin Talal – (2016)

Xavier Bettel  

Xavier Bettel Prime Minister of Luxembourg – (2016)


Michelle Obama (wife of US President) – (2015)

Anna-Komorowska   Anna Komorowska (Wife of the President of Poland) – (2015)
PhilipTReeker   Amb. Philip T. Reeker Consul General of the United States to Milan – (2015)
PetriTuomiNikula   Amb. Petri Tuomi-Nikula Ambassador of Finland in Rome – (2015)
MarjavanBijsterveldt   Marja van Bijsterveldt Minister of Dutch Culture – (2015)
JoepWijnands   Amb. Joep Wijnands Netherlands Ambassador to Italy – (2015)
BennoTempel   Benno Tempel Director of the Gemeentemuseum – (2015)
MaibintMohammedAlKhalifa   Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa Minister of Culture of the Kingdom of Bahrain – (2015)
CorinnazuSayn-Wittgenstein   Princess Corinna Sayn-Wittgenstein – (2015)
JamesEBillie   James E. Billie Chairman of the Seminole Tribe of Florida owns of the Hard Rock Cafe chain – (2015)