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Deep in Venice

Every one of us has a dream, and Venice is the place in which all dreams can come true because the city itself is a dream, one where myth and legend mingle together and live on.

It is a living spirit of fantasy and imagination.
It is the fairytale that we all long to experience.

If you are in search of some quality time, or find yourself wishing for a change of perspective away from the hubbub of the crowds, you have come to the right place to make your dream a reality.

Nowhere else in the world does every vibration, great or small, transform into such a magical experience, nor does every sensation have such a flavour of the extraordinary.

Venice is a storygardenz, a garden of stories, and I am a storyteller who will recount the tales of this enchanting place to you through the voices of “the great creative spirits who lived here” and who, in the silence of the night, still whisper them.

Deep in Venice epitomises the profound emotion I feel for my city as well as the deep conviction I possess that there are alternative forms of tourism. Away from the crowds, there are places where you can still hear the voices of local residents, and the stories which are still vivid in their imagination, where you can listen to the sounds and admire the slow movements of masters who immortalise the ancient arts.

The past becomes the present and the present becomes the future in a single linear space in time along which your sense of orientation will lose itself as it is lulled into the power of storytelling.

There are a variety of ways to discover a city: you can visit the most famous sites (those which are usually sold-out), and wonder aimlessly whilst gazing around obliviously, or instead you can seek to uncover exactly what kind of place is hiding within.

The tours offered on this website – closely linked with the storygardenz project – were created away from the tourist bustle, especially for small groups wishing to hear the tales that lie concealed in the depths of the city of Venice.

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