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The Templar knight’s tresure

Venice was a protagonist during the crusades period. Knights and pilgrims got on board Venetian ships to get the Holy Land. Only a knight came back carrying part of a treasure that Templar Knights had collected through their trades.

Marco Polo’s Mistery

The traveler who manage to consolidate the commercial relationship between oriental and western merchants. You will discover his adventures, his telling through a tour thought to appreciate his as one of the most important explorers of the humanity. An engaging adventure trough you will discover Venice of its kind.

Casanova’s footsteps

We will discover special locations of particular interest where love, adventures and political intrigues took place. We will also discover that he was much more than just a famous libertine.

St. Mark’s Basilica by night

Legend, history, art and symbology swirl together in a myriad of golden mosaics in Venice’s main church: Saint Mark’s Basilica. The relics of Saint Mark the Evangelist are still enshrined inside today, after his body was plundered from Alexandria, Egypt. Fact or fiction? Only faith will give us the answer, and such was the faith […]

Promiscuous Venice

Venice: city of promiscuity. City of luxury, romantic intrigue and betrayal, and at the same time city of love. A milieu of majestic dwellings, set alongside casinos and brothels. Still echoing among canals, alleyways and squares are the revelries and tales of lovers united and betrayed. Noblewomen escape the prying eyes of husbands and relatives, […]

Grand Canal

Venice’s origins are shrouded in mystery, and there are many mythical tales that allude to the city’s past. In the year 302 B.C., Spartan pirates, commanded by the son of the King of Sparta, Cleomenes II, entered the lagoon and reached the mouth of the river by following a deep and winding canal. But after […]

Doge’s Palace by night

The strength, the wealth and the artistic sensitivity of a population seeps through the palatial architecture that was once the seat of power in Venice. In this respect, the city ruled supreme. The Doge’s Palace, the beating heart of government and justice, reveals to us intricate details of its own history and the history of […]

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