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Freemasonry in Venice

Speaking about Freemasonry has always been tricky and complicated, and yet at the same time, fascinating.

Entering this mysterious labyrinth – a mix of historical fact and legend combined with enigmatic and unfathomable symbols – entangles you in a net of knowledge that constantly nourishes an insatiable thirst for more.

From Hiram, chief architect of King Solomon’s Temple, through to the Order of the Templars, from Gothic cathedrals to neo-classical architecture, from the American Revolution to the Unification of Italy and even from eminent individuals such as Benjamin Franklin to adventurers such as Giacomo Casanova, the Masonic presence and influence have been perceptible at every glance.

Indeed Venice, as an international and multi-ethnic city that has always been quick to embrace and nurture diverse myths and legends, could not ignore the call of the “Great Architect of the Universe”.

Traces of the path left by the Templars’, from which the Masons derived, are still visible today. In fact, they were still in existence in Venice until the order was disbanded in 1312.

It is said that their fabled treasure was hidden for some time on the Venetian island of St. Giorgio in Alga. Several famous Venetian individuals were Masons, such as the noble Pisani and Albrizzi families, architects such as Temanza, sculptors such as Corradini and great writers such as Carlo Goldoni.

So let’s go in search of squares, compasses and rulers in this city of endless faces and intricacies, and seek to uncover exactly what linked the ‘Republic of the Serenissima’ with local and international Freemasonry.

Our walk will start from the site of the first Masonic lodge in Venice and finish in Piazza San Marco.

Tour Details

The tour includes:
- Pick up at your hotel if located in Venice

Pricing Information: € 210,00 (from 1 to 9 persons)

The tour does not include:
- All entrance tickets are not included

Duration: 3 hours